What Your Disaster Preparedness Emergency Kit can’t Miss

Food preparedness is something that many people do not know a lot about. In case of an emergency, (i.e. natural disaster) it can be handy to be prepared. A simple backpack stocked with key foods is the first step to achieving emergency preparedness.

Preparedness Food

An example to a key food that should be a staple in everyone’s emergency bag is the ER Food Bar. This bar will provide you with the minimum recommended calories that you need to survive if eaten according to package directions. These ER Food Bars are easy to store in even the smallest of places including a glove box of a car, backpacks and many other places. They are sustainable in extreme weather. These bars have a shelf life of 5 years and also come sealed in an airtight, watertight package to ensure optimal life expectancy.

This ER Bar can be eaten alone and does not give you the feeling of being thirsty upon consumption. Water does not need to be added to this meal to consume. One package of these bars is enough meals for three days. There are no added cholesterol or Trans Fats in these bars and each and every one contains vitamins and minerals recommended by the FDA. The taste of these bars is amazing as well, not that those other flavorless brands out there. Let us not forget the very affordable price tag on these amazing bars. There is not one reason why these bars should not be included in everyone’s survival kit.

Need more recommendation? These ER Food Bars are also one of the types used by the US Coast Guard! With that being said whether you are a newbie to emergency preparedness or are a harnessed veteran, you will quickly realize that ER Bars are the most important part of anyone’s emergency survival kit.

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