Secure your Future and Retirement. Be Self Sufficient.

solar panels secures your retirementLearning to be self-sufficient before retirement is a goal that many people have in mind. There are many different ways that a person can be self-sufficient.  One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by converting your house from electric to solar energy. While this may seem like a huge dent in your wallet at first, you will soon begin to see the savings add up monthly from not paying an electric bill. In time you will have more money then you did prior to converting. You can also achieve this by doing it your self. You can build your own solar panels and install your solar electric system which will save you hundreds of dollars.

Another way to become self-sufficient is to invest in starting a small animal farm. Having animals such as goats and cows are a great way to receive your milk while saving money in the future. Eggs, cheese, butter and honey are just some of the foods that are obtainable by owning your own animals that produce them. Taking the time and a little chunk of change can prove to significantly make your life as well as that of surrounding family members easier in the future.

hydroponics growing food retire

One of the most common methods of self-sufficiency today is simply growing your own garden. To start, seeds and other garden essentials are available in stores for just a few dollars each. At such a small cost you can grow hundreds of dollars’ worth of fruits and vegetables that is guaranteed to keep your family supplied for several months and sometimes longer if preserved. Once a fruit or vegetable has grown, simply save the seeds for the following season and replant for another year of bountiful fruits/veggies or better yet, clone your own plants which will make the growing process faster. There are many different vegetables that can be grown that you are likely to be using items from your garden everyday such as: potatoes, corn, tomatoes and many other food staples. You can also rely on sprouts.  By continuously maintaining a garden every year there is hundreds of dollars that will be saved by not having to purchase these items at a grocery store. If you are worry about space or extreme weather where you live, hydroponics it’s the best answer to still grow your own food no matter the season neither if you have outdoor space for a garden or not.

While the idea of learning to be self-sufficient may seem terrifyingly costly, thinking about the money you won’t be spending in the years to come is enough to influence many people to jump on this train. Thinking about retirement you will find that you will be more at ease once the time comes knowing that you are readily prepared for keeping your families fed and warm all year round with self-sufficiency.

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