Project White Paper Braces For An Apocalyptic Global Crisis Armed Only With A Survival Guide By Author Dan Martin

On Wednesday November 30th at 9pm EST, Michael and Chase of Project White Paper kicks into high gear in preparation for a colossal global meltdown with only one true essential, Dan Martin’s guidebook; “Apocalypse – How To Survive A Global Crisis”

DAN MARTIN was born in Detroit, Michigan , the eldest son of the eldest son, five generations long. The offspring of divorced parents, at thirteen Dan went on to live with his father high in the Rocky Mountains where he learned how to hunt, trap, work on engines and generally be self-sufficient.

At age seventeen, Dan joined the military, was stationed in Hawaii and eventually deployed and fought in Desert Shield. He received a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Hawaii; and upon arriving back in the States, he attended the University of Texas studying physics and Engineering. It was also then that Dan volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Greenpeace, where he must have gotten his first taste of living and working outside of the ‘norm’…

Tune in this Wednesday at 9pm eastern to learn all the essentials tools needed to survive an apocalypse, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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