Affordable Solar Panel Kit by Sunshine Simple


1800 watts with a 120-watt portable, fold-out solar panel and 70 AMP HOUR Battery! 

Connects to a large capacity power supply (it has a 70 amp hour battery in it) and is as simple as I wanted . . . Only 50 pound. Unfold the solar panel in the yard, point it at the sun and plug the wire into the back of the power supply.

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This is an 1800-watt generator that weighs around 50 pounds. A 120-watt portable, fold-out solar panel connects to a large capacity power supply (it has a 70 amp hour battery in it) and is as simple as I wanted . . . unfold the solar panel in the yard, point it at the sun and plug the wire into the back of the power supply.

It charges quickly!

Plus, you can also charge it from a regular home outlet. You will then have ample power in emergencies for lighting at night, TV and laptop use, microwaves, freezer, etc. The power supply is SMALL and sleek: it looks like a computer case, and has 5 outlets on the back. We wanted to create something that a single, older retired lady could use and not be intimidated. The cost of this system is $1495, and offers DOUBLE the electrical power of the most popular system now being sold all over the net.


This device is made to be 100% charged by sunshine ALONE. That means you could take it to the middle of nowhere and it would pump out electricity in full force forever. I wanted it especially for blackouts so I could make my own energy without relying on any fuels or the grid at all. It is completely solar. But, if you want to charge it from an outlet, you can do that, too (eg. you’re about to take a trip and want to bring it with you on the road, so you simply charge it up at home all night). It was designed to gather energy either way.

The sun is always there, radiant and pollution free. It’s way past time we become energy self-reliant. This should be the most important lesson we all learn from climate change, storms, disasters, and the nuclear accident in Japan. My goal is help us all create the actual, positive change we want RIGHT NOW.

If the sun basically powers this entire planet, it ought to be able to easily (and cheaply) power the devices in your home.

It is our understanding that, by purchasing this particular unit, you may qualify for credits under the H.R.6 Energy Policy Act of 2005 and Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007. That means, you are credited for energy efficiency improvements made to your principal residence (a house, mobile home, apartment, condo, houseboat etc) where you spend most of the time. Ask your accountant if you will qualify for this tax credit worth most, if not ALL your cost of this unit, that is only available until 2016.


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You’re protected! The warranty is for one, full year on parts and labor and 90 days on the battery (the battery can last for years so long as you don’t ever let it sit completely dead for a long time). If something goes wrong, just send it back (or whatever parts seem to be the culprit–we’ll advise you) and we’ll exchange it at no cost, as quickly as possible (excluding obvious abuse or acts of God beyond our control). If something goes wrong after that year, we’ll help fix it as low-cost as possible. Regardless of the situation, we want you to be satisfied so you’ll tell your friends good things about us and you’ll keep coming back.


Of course, this varies, since there are so many different types of products in your house that consume power at a different rate under different circumstances. The first thing we suggest is making sure you have energy efficient products. For example:

A 60-watt incandescent lamp bulb can be switched out with a 7-watt LED light bulb. You get the same output with only 10% of the energy draw. Gradually, we are going to offer energy-efficient products on our site so you can stretch your power as far as possible.

When you buy our basic unit, you’ll either purchase it with the standard 120-watt panel, or for quicker recharging and more power, a 200-watt panel.

In the winter you will generally get 8 hours of charging time, so either 8 x 120 watts or 8 x 200 watts of energy store. Summer power storage is faster, at 16 x 120 watts or 16 x 200 watts.


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