DIY Build a Bio-Digester

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Run your car, stove, furnace, generator, lamps & water heater on Methane (natural gas, propane, LP); a clean substitute to petroleum, made from home any organic waste, food scraps, pet waste, lawn clippings, etc.



The 56 page book shows step by step How to Build a Methane producing product money back garunteeMethane is a gas that’s produced from a common anaerobic or an aerobic bacteria. These little guys are man’s best friend, since they break down and covert all our waste within a matter of days.

Simple and basic, no specialty knowledge/experience needed. Typical items used making access available to everyone.

  • Cheap AND easy
  • Is applicable in any region, any temperature and adapted to any size required
  • Beginner to Experienced level format (process made simple)
  • Tested, and now patented process
  • Set up time is typically 2 days.
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Free unlimited support

Dan Martin’s has written his guides so that everyone, everywhere, of all ages and genders can easily carry-out each set of step by step instructions at the lowest cost (often with free materials) possible. They’re packed with easy to read directions, clear step specific photos and great diagrams/drawings.

No more excuses, sit down this weekend and do it!

To save on paper and further help the environment, all books are now digitally delivered

2 reviews for DIY Build a Bio-Digester

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    A bio-digester is a necessary component to a self-sufficient home. Previously, bio-digesters were too expensive to build for the average home owner, making them a non-viable option when desiring to provide your own energy. How to Build a Methane Producing Bio-Digester, a DIY Bio-digester, is a well-informed manual to building your own energy source. This bio-digester uses common household materials, such as water heaters, to build a renewable energy source to provide enough methane gas to power all the household needs.
    This book provides very precise instructions with a step-by-step plan to build and install your bio-digester. The author, an aerospace structural engineer, goes into great detail to demonstrate exactly what supplies are needed and how to procure them at minimal cost. Each stage of the development of your bio-digester is thoroughly explained; there is even a trouble-shooting guide at the end of the book for odd inconveniences.
    After the bio-digester has been installed, the author provides a list of anaerobic materials to make and maintain your methane gas supply. With your bio-digester you can cook and power all of your household energy needs, eliminate the utility bills, and become truly self-sufficient.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew McCugh

    I wanted to buy the guide first to see what I was in for. It looks like you really have to convert your whole house to this method. It takes more time than I have right now to devote to it. But it looks like a real money-saving idea.

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