Build a Solar Dehydrator

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A great, very cheap (free), solar dehydration unit that will preserve your meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. for years, or simply make delicious beef jerky as a healthy day time snack.



The Sun provides enough energy per day to power every city in the world 17 times. Use product money back garuntees untapped, uncharged (as of now) resource for free by learning to build your own Solar Dehydrator to dry anything and everything that you can slice down to 1/8in thick… Meats, vegetables, fruits, grains, even paper. Add your favorite delicious seasonings for a healthy on the go treat, or storage for years and years to be retrieved when needed.

Simple and basic, no specialty knowledge/experience needed. Typical items used making access available to everyone.

  • Cheap AND easy
  • Is applicable in any region, any temperature and adapted to any size required
  • Beginner to Experienced level format (process made simple)
  • Tested, and now patented process
  • Set up time is typically 2 days.
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Free unlimited support

Dan Martin’s has written his guides so that everyone, everywhere, of all ages and genders can easily carry-out each set of step by step instructions at the lowest cost (often with free materials) possible. They’re packed with easy to read directions, clear step specific photos and great diagrams/drawings.

No more excuses, sit down this weekend and do it!

To save on paper and further help the environment, all books are now digitally delivered


2 reviews for Build a Solar Dehydrator

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Melani Martinez

    The bad:

    The pics aren’t very clear, in fact they’re down right fuzzy. It was hard for me to understand exactly what I was looking at. I’d also include a little more explanation or discussion about why it’s better to dehydrate food or why it’s healthier. The book did make it easy for me to build my own though and reap the rewards of my efforts, taking into account you need to have sun for it to work. Good luck on a cloudy day. You’ll be stuck with a dehydrator full of rotting food.

    The good:

    I grow my own food in the garden. I can’t understand why more people wouldn’t want to enjoy the fruits and vegetables they can grow themselves from the earth. You get nutritious, tasty locally-grown food all year long. What could be better? This book has helped me preserve produce throughout the year instead of having to freeze them. It saves money on electricity and my food won’t spoil if the electricity goes out. The dehydrator preserves the taste, also, unlike freezing, which often damages the fruits or makes them waterlogged. I have used electric dehydrators in the past, but it’s nice to cook with the sun. I’m so glad I bought the book! It helped me free myself from dependency on commercial markets and going back and forth to the grocery store every other day when the meat spoils just sitting in my fridge. The dried food looks and tastes great. The flavor is better than anything I find in supermarkets (with a little practice on my part), and it’s free of sulfites, hormones and other additives. In May and June I will start capturing early season crops such as peas, blueberries and strawberries. Then I’ll be ready for my summer and fall crops of beans, plums, peaches and apples. I will even be able to enjoy tomatoes year-round and it’s cheaper and healthier than market food trucked in from other countries. I’m a happy, happy housewife!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    What a great idea! We don’t own a dehydrator, since the htmidiuy so high here when the farmers’ market is at its peak. I use a stand water-bath yogurt maker instead. Your multi-tasking is awesome!

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