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[content_half]Dan Martin most recently appeared this fall on The Travel Channel’s TV show Paranormal Paparazzi. He’s been interviewed by CNN, Coast to Coast, MSNBC, Men’s Journal, Yahoo News, Esquire, Minyanville, Jim Marrs (author of the best selling book and blockbuster movie JFK) and Mindscape Magazine to name a few. Dan Martin also gives currently lectures on Renewable Energy, Self Sufficiency and his newest book Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis at Universities around the world. Before airing, Dan Martin consulted as a field expert on several national TV shows like: AMC’s The Walking Dead, National Geographic’s Dooms Day Peppers and TNT’s hit show Falling Skies.

“…That analysis applies to Dan Martin, a survivalist living off the grid and author of “Apocalypse: How to Survive a Global Crisis,” a book that teaches skills for living a self-sufficient life after what he perceives to be an oncoming collapse of civilization and governments.”
Aaron Sagers, CNN Dec. 25, 2012

“…Author Dan Martin is confident he could — and comfortably. He lived off the grid for 10 years on a self-sustaining ranch they built themselves. They grew, raised or trapped their food; made their own ethanol fuel and solar panels; and survived on rainwater they captured.”
Ginny Grimsley, Yahoo News Sep 26, 2011

“Expert shares tips from living 10 years off the grid: Martin’s newest book, “Apocalypse: How to Survive a Global Crisis” details lessons gleaned from the experience.”
Press Release, MSNBC News Sep 26, 2011

“Dan Martin has rewritten how society is to be viewed as a whole. He’s shown that these aren’t the days we knew as children, and eventually we’ll all need to wake p to that fact.”
News USA, David Johnson June 2, 2011

“So far outside the box it’s almost back is again. A defiant breakthrough that shatters all perceptions of societal norms, while questioning the very foundation that humanity’s built on.” fact.”
– Dr. Jason Porter, New York Research & Policy Institute

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