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With over 62,000 topic related, actual hands-on hours in self-sufficiency, Dan Martin is widely considered and sought as an expert in the field, drawing the attention of and appearing on/in mainstream media, established newspapers, websites, and magazines in several countries such as CNN, Yahoo News, MSNBC, Esquire Men’s magazine, the Travel Channel and has consulted on AMC’s The Walking Dead, National Geographic’s Dooms Day Peppers, The Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi and and TNT’s hit show Falling Skies. and for various governments and sustainable living communities, including an ongoing Sustainable Community in Monkey River, Belize and the Nete Ibo Eco Village in Tabatinga, Peru.

Man working on a wind turbine

Martin (a retired Boeing Aerospace Engineer) has written over 40 books on How to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) focusing on: Renewable Energy Harnessing, Alternative Fuel Production, Natural Building Methods, Living Off The Grid, Self-Sufficiency, Sustainability, Permaculture and just overall Green Living; available at  Amazon.com or in our Online Book Store. He’s also the sole author of the newly published soft cover book Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis, also available in our online book store, ApocalypsetheBook.com, Amazon and now Barnes & Noble.

Author signing books

In 2009, Dan Martin formed a Mexican-based non-profit organization. As first responders, they traveled around the world providing relief to victims of natural and man-made catastrophes and crises. In November 2009, was on-site for the 8.1 M Earthquake that hit Samoa, killing 200 people. In January of 2010, it was the magnitude 7.0 quake that hit Haiti (and 24 aftershocks); the Haiti Cholera outbreak of December 2010; Wild Fires, March 2011 West Texas; Colombia floods, April 2011; Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, June, 2011; Narcoterrorist Casino Bombing, August 2011 Monterrey, Mexico; The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill, Jan. 2012; Haiti Cholera Outbreak, June, 2012; Ammonium Nitrate Distribution Facility Explosion, Apr. 2013 West, Texas; and the Ternium Guerrero Plant Explosion in July of 2013 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Man providing relief in Haiti

In 2002, at 25, Martin sacrificed a very high paying carreer and lucritive salary/living style as an engineer with Boeing Aerospace; cashed in his investments and 401K; sold his vehicles, boat/jet skies and other toys, all his personal belongings and two waterfront homes in two different countries, to move out into the desert, leaving the world, family, friends and the rest of society behind.

For 6 years, he lived 100% off-the-grid, completely cut-off from society, not seeing one other person the entire time. There were no electric or telephone lines; no garbage, emergency, mail or sewer service; no city water, cell service, clocks, alarm clocks or calendars. There wasn’t even a road to the property. They built their home with their own hands and lived off rain water catchment, raised, bred and slaughtered goats, chickens, catfish, turkeys, rabbits and ducks for food, made their own fuel and grew underground hydroponic fruits and vegetables.

Man holding a young brown goat

Dan Martin now conducts workshops and seminars on the topic around the world, has hosted some 100+ volunteers and interns abroad over the years, successfully completed 32 client based projects in the last 4 years and gives public appearances on the subject.

“Because my life style is lived completely self-sufficiently, self-sustainably and 100% off the grid, without any assistance from the outside world, we are familiar with the Day-to-Day aspects and how simple it actually is for everyone to make the conversion. No one else can offer that. “
Dan Martin

If you’d like to see more of Dan Martin’s Self Sufficient projects, visit his Photo Gallery now.


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